One of the things that’s always gotten on my nerves about ADHD is people always seem to assume I’m stupid. I tend to be forgetful and inattentive and sometimes say/do things without really thinking, and a lot of people can’t seem to see past that.

I remember being thirteen and two of my close…


teal-deer asked:

I've always had trouble talking too much & knowing when to stop, but it's gotten so bad lately that it legit upsets people, but I don't know till it's too late bc they're too polite to tell me but I don't pick up on their nonverbal cues. What can I do to stop the ADHD tmi babble cascade that happens whenever I open my mouth?

actuallyadhd answered:

One of the suggestions I’ve seen is to make yourself stop and ask a question after two sentences. Not sure how you’re supposed to do that if you’re not finished your anecdote (maybe ask when you’re done the story instead).

Usually if symptoms are getting worse it’s because of a stressor in our life. Take a moment to check that you’re getting enough sleep, eating right, and getting regular exercise, and think about ways you can reduce other stressors so that things can go back to normal.

I’ve found it helpful sometimes if I stop when I realize I’ve been babbling and tell whoever I’m talking to that they can tell me to shut up if I’m talking too much. Not only will it reduce tension (they’ll usually take it as a joke even though I’m totally serious), it does actually help because they feel okay about interrupting if you start going on and on.


Followers, how do you manage your babbling, if you have this problem?



Hiya, follow-up here

The issue is that I usually do the whole “Hey, if I’m babbling too much, feel free to tell me to cool it, ok? I won’t be offended,” or the asking question thing, but of late even THAT hasn’t work. I’m actually getting evicted from my apartment because of this (seriously, that was the reason my roommates gave — that I talked too much and made them uncomfortable, because they’re “introverts who can’t handle that kind of thing,” their words, not mine) and I’m worried that every landlord I’ve talked to is put off by that habit. It’s hard NOT to because, like you said, I’m stressed as hell about having to move, and my primary stress reaction is to, well, talk my face off. 

I strongly suspect that isn’t the real reason, and if it is well wow. I’m an introvert and other people talking at me isn’t a problem because I will tune.them.out. It seriously sounds like an excuse. :P

Maybe start trying to limit yourself to as few words as possible when you’re talking to someone. Make it a game, so that if you’re asking a question about a place you’re viewing you don’t tell a whole backstory for the question, you just ask the question in as few words as possible. The question to ask YOURSELF is “does this person actually need to know this thing I am about to say?” and if the answer is “no” then you don’t say it even though you really really want to.


Followers, do you have any other thoughts on this?